About Me

Regi Popelier

Professional Wildlife Phorographer & Globetrotter

I am a wildlife and landscape photographer based in Belgium, born with a passion for nature since childhood.

My profession has its roots in aquaculture : marine fish, corals and tropical fish including its interaction and biodiversity.

I travel quite often. This gives me the opportunity to be in the tropical part of the globe.

My camera gives me the feeling of total freedom, and once surrounded by nature, inspiration comes easy with its creativity, while still learning all of the aspects nature offers.

It also learned me to understand the behavior of the animals, requiring patience and a good dose of luck.

Throughout these experiences, I have gained a vast understanding of many animals, birds, insects, resulting in a great benefit while photographing them in all its forms, from tender to cruel, uncomplicated and straight, trying to survive…

Let us respect and enjoy nature in all its beauty while we still can.

The photographs on this website portray my passion for nature, in a way that is both creative and natural.

Thank you for visiting this webpage.

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